For only NOK 399,- you get three years’ bike registration, providing effective protection against theft.


Three good reasons to register your bike:

How to get started with Solidregister:

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  • Important! For safety reasons, we are not able to transfer login details for people who have their bikes registered with Securmark. Instead, you need to reregister. Click on this link to be redirected to the right place.
  • Forgotten your password?Enter your email address and you will get a link to create a new password. Enter your email address and the new password and you will be up and running again.
Register your bike here

A bike gets stolen every 10 minutes. Make sure your bike is not the next one in line.

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Solid Insurance is the uncomplicated insurance company that offers niche insurances that are easy to understand, easy to buy and easy to use. Our bike register is designed to be just as simple and user-friendly.