We are your bicycle register!

Solid Insurance operates and owns the largest bicycle register in the Nordic region, Solidregister, an FG-approved bicycle register*. When you are insured with us, your bike will get a Solid Insurance anti-theft disc, and will be registered and searchable in the Solid register at www.solidregister.no. The bicycle frame number will also registered, allowing you to track your bike even if the disc has gone. This means that if the worst comes to the worst, you have a better chance of getting your stolen bike back.

Security all the way

There are many benefits of cycling – it is cheap, environmentally-friendly and good for your health. Unfortunately, there is a significant risk of your bike being stolen. We actively cooperate with police, customs, insurance companies and left-luggage facilities who have access to the Solid register, and this is used on a daily basis to detect bicycle theft and return stolen bikes to their rightful owner.

*This means that it has been approved by Forsikringsselskapenes Godkjennelsesnevnd (Insurance Companies» Approval Board), which sets various requirements for items including products and systems.

What is Solid Insurance?

Solid Insurance (SOLID försäkringsaktiebolag NUF) was founded in 1993 and is part of Resurs Holding AB, which is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. With over 4 million customers and 5,500 retail partners, we offer insurance policies for products, security, travel and road assistance. Solid Insurance operates in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and in many parts of other European countries.
Your housing insurance may cover bicycle theft, but even if your bike is relatively new and you receive full compensation, in most cases you will also have to pay a deductible (depending on your policy). The Solid FG registration may be financially beneficial in terms of your home insurance, up to a reduction of 50% of the deductible you will pay in the event of bicycle theft.