Below is a list of answers to frequently asked questions you may have regarding the bike register and the registration process. If you can’t find answers to your specific questions, please contact us by email at customers@solidab.no or call us on +47 23 96 34 90.

Who is Solid Insurance?

Solid Insurance (SOLID Försäkringsaktiebolag NUF) was founded in 1993 and forms part of Resurs Holding AB – a company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. With over 4 million customers and 5,500 retailers, we sell insurance policies for products, safety, travel and roadside assistance. Solid Insurance has operations in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and in many other European countries.

Your contents insurance may cover the actual theft of a bike, but even if the bike is relatively new and you receive so-called full compensation, in most cases you still have to pay an excess (depending on the insurance policy). With a Solid FG registration (FG = insurance approved), you can boost the benefits under your contents insurance by getting up to 50% excess reduction in the event your bike gets stolen.

Auction/lost property: